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23-Dec-2013 02:28:36 AM
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Welcome to the Official website of the Taekwon-Do Association of Karnataka (TAK) — Established  1987.

We are the longest running and the Original Taekwon-Do organisation in the Karnataka and  INDIA.

The association  was formed in the year 1987 by  Master  Vijay Kumar 4Th Dan  Black Belt in the  name  of  Karnataka  Rajya   Amateur  Taekwon-Do  Association , later  on in the year 1996 was changed to Karnataka  Amateur  Taekwon-Do with the leadership Master  A  Gunasekaran  5Th Dan Black Belt after which the name was changed to “Taekwon-Do Association of Karnataka(TAK)” in the year 1998.

Taekwondo Association of Karnataka (TAK) which is affiliated to "TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (TAI)" which in turn is affiliated with "International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)" has many black belt  and  instructors under its wing. Many  black belts have been trained by Grand Master Leong Wai Meng 9TH  Dan and graded by Master B. Rajendran Balan  8TH  DAN, International Instructor & Examiner of the International Taekwondo Federation and have also undergone advance training under various other international masters from time to time.

TAK instructors having not only secured the enviable distinction of receiving their black belts but also led their students successfully to top positions in State, Zonal National and International Championships.

Taekwondo Martial is recognized as one of the eminent sports by Ministry of Sports, Government of India and Government of Karnataka in particular. We have sufficient number of Instructors, in our roll.


President  Mr.Ramamurthi  IV DAN
Vice President and Chief instructor Mr.A.GUNASEKARAN Vth DAN
Secretary and Additional Chief Instructor  Mr.Pradeep. J  Vth  Dan
Treasurer  Mr.Ashok M Hoodi   III Dan

Executive Members
Mr.Puneeth Kumar.R III Dan
Mr.Harish kumar .R III Dan
Mr.Rajesh.G III Dan
Mr.Babu. B. III Dan

Our Qualified Instructors

  1. Mr.Prithvi  Tamang  V DAN   
  2.  Mr.Naveen Raj III Dan
  3. Mr.Balarajan II Dan
  4. Mr.Lokeshwar.B.C II Dan
  5. Miss.Ramya S Bhat  III Dan
  6. Mr.Shreejith III Dan
  7. Mr.Anakar Roy II Dan
  8. Mr.Mukunda.M II Dan
  9. Mr.Kiran.A II Dan
  10. Mr.Manikanta II Dan
  11. Mr.Jothimani II Dan
  12. Mr.Mahender Singh II Dan
  13. Mr.S.I Babu II Dan
  14. Mrs.Tejaswani II Dan
  15. Mrs.tanuja Krishnan II Dan
  16. Mr.Maheshekar II Dan
  17. Mr.Manoj Kumar I Dan
  18. Mr.Bipin I Dan
  19. Mr.Pavan K I Dan
  20. Mr.Vinod Kumar I Dan
  21. Mr.Ellesha I Dan
  22. Mr.Sumanth I Dan
  23. Mr.Ravi Kumar I Dan
  24. Mr.Murali I Dan
  25. Mr.Shivakumar.L.Pawar I Dan
  26. Mr.Chidanand I Dan
  27. Mr.Santosh Kumar I Dan
  28. Mrs.Shanti.H.S I Dan
  29. Mr.Sharth Kumar I Dan
  30. Mr.Jeevan I Dan
  31. Mr.Venkatash I Dan
  32. Mr.Raja I Dan
  33. Mr.Gopal K.K I Dan
  34. Mr.Shaid I Dan
  35. Mr. Azad I Dan
  36. Mr.Revanth

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