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  1. Our Association has more 250 Black Belt under its wing.


  1. Our Association has conducted 12 State level and 2 National, 2 Zonal, 2 International Seminar.


  1. Our Association had organized 19th National Level and 2nd International Taekwon-Do Championship 2004 at Bangalore 24 States and 6 countries had participated. The tournament was conducted successfully.


  1.  Karnataka Students have represented all the 27th National Championships 22nd North east Zonals, 15 International Championships and two World Championships. With lots of Medals to our State as well as country.


  1. Karnataka Students represented 3rd IMGC Championship held at Bangkok in the month of April 2008, 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 8 Bronze to our Wing. 


  1. Karnataka bagged 1st place in 24th National level Taekwon-Do Championship at Kakinada 2009.


  1.  Karnataka bagged 2nd places in the 21st National level Taekwon-Do Championship at Goa 2006, 22nd National Championship 2007 Kolkata West Bengal & 23rd National Championship 2008 Goa.


  1. Karnataka Bagged 2nd Place in the North East Zonal Championship held at Srinagar, J & K 2005.


  1. Karnataka  bagged 2nd  Place   in  recently   19th  North  East  Zonal Taekwon-Do  Championship held  at  Zim  Corbet t park, Uttaranchal, National  2008.


  1. Karnataka  Participants  won  7 Gold , 8 Silver  , 4 bronze  medals  in 3rd Asian  Championship  held  at New Delhi in the year 2006.


  1. 13 Karnataka Participants have won 2 Silver, 11 Bronze medals in China Open Taekwon-Do Championship 2007 held at Beijing, China.


  1.  9 Karnataka Participants have won 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 9 Bronze medals in recently held IMGC World Championship recently held at Bangkok, Thailand 2008.  


  1. 13 Karnataka Participants won 8 Gold, 3Silver, 6 Bronze at 2nd U.A.E Taekwon-Do Championship 2008.


  1. 11  Karnataka  Participants  won attended International  Referee  Seminar at New Delhi  in November  2006 conducted by Grand Master  Leong  Wai  Meng   9th Dan Black BELT ( Chairman of Umpire Committee and Vice President of ITF).


  1.  Taekwon-Do Association of Karnataka has given training to more 15000 Students under the leadership of   Master A Gunasekaran 4th Dan Black Belt Master PRADEEP.J, 4Th Dan Black Belt.


  1. TAK has produced  Four 4TH Dan , Eight 3rd Dans , Fifteen 2nd and 150 1st Dan  Black Belt under its wing.


  1. TAK is conducting Taekwon-Do classes in more than 120 Schools / Clubs /IT and BPO Call Centers Throughout    Karnataka.


  1. Recently TAK conducted a Self –defense course working women at IT and BPO at  Tata Consultancy  Service ,Oracle , and ITPL  For  more 800 Women in March 2008  on the occasion of International Women’s Day  2008, 2009,2010,2011 & 2012.


  1. TAK President Mr.  Ramamurthi   3RD Dan Black Belt has been appointed as Chairman of veteran Committee of Taekwon-Do Association of India.


  1. TAK   Secretary   Mr.Pradeep.J  4th  Dan Black Belt has been  Chairman for Finance  and Marketing   of Taekwon-Do  Association  of India and has been awarded as “BEST   INSTRUCTOR   INDIA “   by  Taekwon-Do  Association  of   India   2007, 2008, 2009 &  2010.


  1. 50 Children of  Karnataka have been Participated   in the 1ST  South  Asian  Championship at Kathmandu,  Nepal  was held  on  November 2008. 15 Gold, 10 Silver, 12 Bronze under our wing.


  1. 6 Members of Karnataka was participated at 16th World Taekwon-Do Championship held at St.Peters Burg   Russia. 2 Bronze 2009.



  1. Karnataka  bagged  1st  Place in 7th  South  east  west  Taekwon –Do  Championship  at Chennai  2010.


  1. Karnataka bagged 2nd   Place in 25TH   National level Taekwon-Do Championship at New Delhi, Talakatora Indoor Stadium. 


  1.  50 Members of our State represented India at 2nd South Asian Taekwon-Do ITF Championship which was held at Kathmandu, Nepal March 2011.
  1. Mieraba Mangong (Parikrma School) (3 Gold, 1 Silver).
  2. Pavithra. U.S (Sri sri ravishankar vidya mandir (2 Gold, 1 Silver) both of them representing India won the best fighter award from the honorable Nepal Prime minister. India won 2nd place out of 7 countries (INDIA, NEPAL, BHUTAN, BANGLADESH, and SRILANKA, PAKISTAN,BURMA)


  1.  Karnataka won 2nd place at 22nd north & east invitational (ITF)  championship on May  2011 at Manali, Himachal Pradesh.(10 Gold , 4 Silver & 5 Bronze )


  1.   Karnataka has won  1st overall team championship  with  64 Gold , 59 Bronze, 30 Silver at 8TH South east west Taekwon-do  ITF  Championship  which was held Calicut ,Kerala  August 2011.


  1.  6 members of Karnataka represented India at Singapore open Taekwon-Do Championship which was held at Singapore, October 2011.
  1. Dhiraj Reddy  - 2 Gold ( Vidya  shilpa Academy)
  2. Yashaswini  - 1 Gold ,1 Silver  (Kendriya vidyalaya, crpf )
  3. Namratha .K – 1 Gold, 1Silver (Vyasa international School)
  4. Rakshith .R – 1Gold , 1Bronze( Ryan International School)
  5. Soumya .M – 2Gold ( Seshadripuram Collage)
  6.  Pradeep.J – Team coach of India team.


  1.  TAK conducted National level seminar successfully by Sabum Narender Singh Rawat 6th Dan Black Belt International Instructor, Examiner with participation of 250 Children from different Schools & clubs in the month of November 2011 at HMT auditorium, BEL Road.


  1.  2 Members of Karnataka represented India at 17th senior world Taekwon-Do ITF Championship which was held pyongong, North Korea in the month of November 2011.
  1. Madhu Kumar. B.T (3rd Dan Black Belt)
  2. Yuvraj (1st  Dan Black Belt)


  1.   12th State level Taekwon-do ITF  Championship was conducted Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Chamarajpet in the Month of November 2011, with participation of 1500 children from different Schools & Clubs around 50 schools  & 70 clubs from Bangalore District, Mysore, Mangalore, Raichur ,Gulbarga ,Kolar  took part in this mega event.
  1. 1ST overall Championship – Sahakarnagar  TKD club
  2. 2nd Place – Sri sri ravishankar vidya Mandir,Vidyaranyapura
  3. 3rd Place – Cambridge School  K.H Road
  4. Best co-operative team -  Sri sri ravishankar vidya Mandir,    Vidyaranyapura
  5. Best Discipline team trophy – Ved Vignan mahavidyapeth, Kanakapura Road.


  1. Karnataka bagged 30 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze with overall 1st position at 26th National level ITF Taekwon-Do Championship December 2011, Kurukshethra, Haryana.


  1. Mr.PRADEEP.J 4th Dan Black Belt was elected has Executive member for Taekwon-do Association of India.


  1. Mr.PRADEEP.J  4TH Dan  Black Belt  participated in Master International  Seminar it was held at Chiang Mai, Thailand in the month of April  2012 it was conducted by International Taekwon-Do Federation.


  1.  Mr.CHIRAG.S has won the Bronze Medal for India team in the 6th South Asian Taekwon-Do ITF Championship which was held at Dushanbe, Tajikistan in the month of April 2012


  1.    25 children from our association participated in “Shanghai International Taekwondo Championship” which was held at Shanghai, China. With 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 bronze in September 2012.


  1. Karnataka bagged 30 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze with overall 1st position at 27th National level ITF Taekwon-Do Championship December 2012, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2013.


  1.  14 Children of our association participated in “Hong Kong International Taekwondo Championship” which was held at Hong Kong, China with 4 Gold, 8 Silver, and 8 Bronze in August 2013.


  1. Karnataka bagged 47 Gold, 48 Silver, and 58 Bronze with overall 1st position at 10th South zone ITF Taekwon-Do Championship August 2013, Calicut Kerala.

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