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MORAL CULTURE Jungshin Sooyang

14-Dec-2013 09:28:20 AM

Confucius said, “to promote the sense of morality one must treat others with faithfulness and sincerity based on righteousness, and to eliminate completely vicious thinking”. Some of the commandments for cultivating moral culture is as under :


HUMANITY : The ability to feel sorrow for the misfortunes of fellow men and love them all equally as parents love their children equally.


RIGHTEOUSNESS : The ability to feel ashamed of unjust acts and to do one’s duty to others.


PROPRIETY : Unlike animals fighting over food, a courteous man would offer another man a piece of bread even though both were starving, out of respect and good manners.


WISDOM : The ability to judge right from wrong, not especially in matters concerning the right and wrong of others but in matters concerning oneself.


TRUST : The ability to keep one’s words and promises, not only to one’s friends but to everyone in general.

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